Letter from Peace Winds America

Please see the letter from Peace Winds America.
Please contact us at seattleitehelpjapan@gmail.com for the original letter from Peace Winds America!
Thank you very much for your support!

Seattlelites Help Japan
c/o Kayoko Fujita
Seattle, Washington
Dear Seattlelites Help Japan team,

Peace Winds America would like to acknowledge and express our most sincere appreciation for your donation of $6,807 received on April 22 and April 25, 2011.
Your generous contribution supports direct relief services in Japan through Peace Winds America and its sister organization Peace Winds Japan. As soon as the earthquake and tsunami hit northern Japan on March 11, 2011, both PWA and PWJ began providing relief at shelters in Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures. Peace Winds continues to serve survivors inside and outside of shelters. In particular Peace Winds sees elderly care is very important. The elderly are often forgotten or they themselves are eager for others to receive aid, neglecting their own needs. So we are taking steps to ensure that whether in shelters or temporary housing, their needs are being met. We are also assisting in economic recovery programs to revitalize local businesses. As fishing and fish farming are so critical to the livelihood of the area, Peace Winds is constructing buildings for two fishing cooperatives in Minamisanriku. These resource and management centers will serve more than 600 members. We are also working with local Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Minamisanriku, Kesennuma, Rikuzentakata, and Ofunato. We have provided the chambers and their members with supplies and services to reopen businesses and create jobs. Peace Winds America will continue working with Peace Winds Japan on relief and recovery in Japan. Your donation is most highly appreciated by the people and communities we are assisting. For more information about our efforts to mitigate and respond to natural disasters in the Asia Pacific, please visit http://www.peacewindsamerica.org/. Thank you again for your generous support.

Dr. Charles Aanenson
CEO, Peace Winds America


Thank you very much! ありがとうございました。

The Night Ended with Lots of Love and Big Success again! Thank You very much for our 140 guests! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to the event on 4/14! We've raised about $7000! And all that will be going to Peace Winds America. It was such a fun event full of love and warmth, and we'd like to thank every single person who helped us with the cause and event from the bottom of our heart.
With lots of help from David LeClair at Wine World and Kelly Humble at Edward International, and donors/volunteers for the Seattleteis Help Japan event, we achieved such a large amount of donations. Thank you very much!

There are over 180,000 people who are living in shelters in Japan including many elders and small children. Increasingly serious Fukushima nuclear power plant accident day by day, has increased the number of people who are evacuated from Fukushima Prefecture. There are more than hundred children who lost parents. They DO need help. So please, if you are able to or wish to help, donate or do what we can do from here to help the victims.

We'd like to continue our effort to help and support the victims in Japan. If you are interested in joining us to volunteer, please email us at seattleiteshelpjapan@gmail.com

Thanks everyone again. Gambare Nippon!

4月14日のイベントに来て頂き大変ありがとうございました!義援金総額は7000ドルほどになりました。Peace Winds America に送金させていただきます。本イベントは、Seattleites Help Japan として二回目でありますが、企画から当日までの準備期間が約10日間と大変短期間だったために、いろいろと至らない点があった事をこの場を借りてお詫びいたします。 また同時に、皆様の温かいご支援の結果、140名余りの方を集めることができたことに感謝いたします。WINE WORLD のデービットさん、Edward International のケリーさんをはじめ数々の企業・個人およびボランティアのご協力があったことで本イベントを無事開催することができました。本当にありがとうございました。

2011 年3 月11 日に発生した東日本大震災では、死者は1 万人を超え、避難した方は18 万人を超えたと報道されております。 福島の原子力発電所の事故も日々深刻さを増し、福島県を離れる人々も増加の一途をたどっています。親を亡くした子供達も数百人以上とされています。今後も私達は被災地への支援ができるように心がけて行きたいと思います。本ボランティア活動にご興味のある方はこちらへメールにてご連絡ください。 

Seattleites Help Japan: 4/14's event organizer:
Yuka Tokusashi

Seattleites Help Japan founders/organizers:
Akemi Ikeda
Kayoko Fujita
Rika Manabe

Seattleites Help Japan: 4/14's event volunteers:
Ken Yokota
Yusuke Ito
Michiko Edward
Hisako Garcia
Wakako Tashiro
Yoshie Onodera
ZACK Davisson
Mutsumi Kokubo
James Jakobsen

Thank you!
Seattleites Help Japan Team


Photographer: Rika Manabe


Great silent auction items!! Please join us at WINE WORLD tonight!

Seattleties Help Japan! Relief Event Part 2

Thursday, April 14th, 6-9 p.m

400 NE 45th Street Suite 130, Seattle, WA 98105 


Auction items! Thank you for your support!

  1. Dr. Andrei - Accupuncture
  2. Dr. Kobata - Chiropractor
  3. Kisaku Restaurant - Gift Certificate
  4. Namiko - Jewelries
  5. Yusuke Ito - Branding Consulting
  6. Megumi Schacher - Ikebana
  7. Akiko Hull - Facial Massage
  8. Ken Taya (Enfu) - Japanese Pop Art
  9. Azuma Gallery (Linda Suyama)
  10. Stephen Salel - Caligraphy Scroll
  11. Act Theater (CJ Brockway )
  12. 5th Avenue Theater
  13. Bryn Rueb - SNS and Online Marketing Consulting
  14. Seattle Reportory Theatre (Gi Hara )
  15. Robert Murray - Photography
  16. Ladies and Gentleman Studio - Jean Lee
  17. Glasshouse Studio (Daniel) - Glassware with Stand
  18. Salon Sovaga (Takako) - MOP products - shampoo and conditioner
  19. Teresa Kang - Custom Bleaching
  20. Lina Kim DDS - Teeth Whitening
  21. Mark Hidaka - Dog wash
  22. Museum Quality Framing - Custom Framing
  23. Pottery from Studio M x4 (Mika) - Pottery Set
  24. Chris Shaw’s work x4 - Contemporary Clay
  25. Leonarte Italian Art
  26. Laarni and Tita - Hand-made Bags
  27. Mad Madam Mim’s - Hair Accessaries 
  28. Nicole Huber - Glasswork Candleware
  29. Powers Winery & Badger Mountain Vineyard
  30. Chiaki Ito - Tea Party for Two
  31. Yoko Huey - 3 hour Past Regression Session 
  32. Serenity Day Spa (Serenity Atsuko) - Detox, Facials
  33. Yoko Moriyama - Private Coaching Session
  34. Rikki Rikki Japanese restaurant - Gift Certificate   and will be more items!!! 

    Organizer: Yuka Tokusashi, Akemi Ikeda, Kayoko Fujita, Rika Manabe


Seattleties Help Japan! Relief Event Part 2

Thursday, April 14th, 6-9 p.m

400 NE 45th Street Suite 130, Seattle, WA 98105 
Sake Tasting & Silent Auction @ WINE WORLD
Thurs. April 14 - Japanse Fundraiser II - 6-9 pm, 
$25 donation suggested
15 kinds of Sake tasting! 
Please RSVP by sending email to seattleiteshelpjapan2@gmail.com 
to receive a raffle ticket by 4/12. 
Our first fundraiser event was very successful and raised $6,000 - so we are going to do one more! This event features a Sake & Japanese Beer Tasting and silent auction in the Ballroom at WINE WORLD.  Food by 8 Jap. Restaurants - 6-9 pm, suggested donation of $25. 

Music by Shiho Kurauchi / Sachiko Honda. Funds go to help Japanese disaster victims thru PeaceWinds
Suggested Donation of $25-50 at the event (Please bring cash or checks only).

See pictures from our last fundraiser at  

All the money goes through Seattleties Help Japan to Peace Winds!
It's simple. We hope to raise as much money as we can and send it to the victims in Japan. We'll give all the money we raise - auction money and donations - to Peace Winds. So the more people that come, the more money we raise instantly.